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    A look into the creative mind of Michael Nicoll, the person behind many of Snapchat’s artist-based lenses.

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    The company has made a number of changes to its ranking algorithm over the past 12 to 18 months to surface more niche conversations.

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    Digital marketing. Just another one of those new, fancy buzzwords you should use to sound smart in meetings or is it the real deal? Maybe a better question is: What is it? This digital marketing guide will show you what’s what.

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    Poll numbers don’t match up particularly well with the figures from the 280-character “debate.”…

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    Tim Washer, Ann Handley, Doug Kessler, and Michael Brenner are among 15 marketing influencers to follow as fiscal year 2020 gets underway….

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    There’s the forest and the trees — and a lack of ability to see both at the same time can lead to disaster when it comes to payments and business operations.

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    There are seven Emirates in the UAE, each of which, in addition to federal laws, may have its own separate requirements for opening a business.

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    FICO provides analytics software for banking and financial institutions for full customer life-cycle management, from credit risk to loan origination, fraud, and anti-money laundering services. The company was moving from predominately on-premise software solutions to cloud-based solutions as its go-to-market strategy. , visit: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kerrycam/

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    When Jeff Bezos and his first Amazon staff began selling books from his garage, they started an enterprise that is now the largest online retailer in much of the world. As Amazon celebrates its 25th birthday, it’s the world’s most valuable public company and Bezos is the richest person on the…

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    How can businesses keep the customer satisfied?It takes a mix of customer journey insight, surveys and measurement, an omni-channel experience, augmented reality and virtual reality tech according to Jeff Gallino, of CallMiner…

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    Learn exactly what a business strategy is and how you can build an effective one today….

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    Free White Paper to Lessons Learned: Stories From Top Retail Executives Insights and advice on how to be a better leader…

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  • 07/09/19--05:53: How to Make Better Decisions
  • It starts with empowering staff.

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    It’s important to remember that the cloud isn’t magic. In fact, it’s just like any other infrastructure option available to the enterprise, with its own unique benefits and challenges.

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    Implementing a brick and click business model can help your small business stay competitive throughout retail’s reinvention. Here’s how to do it.

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    Business Consultant

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    Types of Unemployment

    Three Main Types Plus Seven – Which Is the Worst?

    The term unemployment refers to a state when a person is out of work or has been without a job for a certain period. Additionally, it also refers to a person who is searching for a job and has not been able to secure one. This usually happens to most graduates. In many countries many young people find it challenging to secure jobs after completion of a degree or diploma education.

    The unemployment rate in these current times is higher than years before. This highlights tough economic times currently in the world. However, unemployment is caused by different issues such as peak season or a low number of jobs. Even with such reasons have you ever known that unemployment is categorized in different types.

    • Frictional or Search
    • Natural
    • Structural
    • Seasonal
    • Cyclical
    • Disguised
    • Voluntary
    • Classical
    • Long-term
    • Demand Deficient
    • Technological

    The ten are types of employment different people are experiencing. Everyone has its own category. In this article, we will discuss them in detail and know what is the real cause of each of the unemployment type.

    1. Cyclical Unemployment

    When the demand for commodities or services reduces due to decrease in demand workers in such jobs will become unemployed. This is known as cyclical unemployment. A perfect example of cyclical unemployment is when the demand for furniture is low due to reduced low customer demand. Many furniture makers will become cyclically unemployed. Or when the demand for houses decreases due to cost of construction this means many masonry workers will become unemployed. In addition, this type of unemployment is brought by a decrease in demand for goods and services.

    2. Natural Unemployment

    This is a term associated with monetarist economists. It is defined as the rate of unemployment that still exists when the labor market is in equilibrium and includes seasonal, frictional and voluntary unemployment.

    Natural Unemployment consists of two of the unemployment: frictional and structural.

    3. Structural Unemployment

    Job opportunities are available but the workers with the required skills are not available. Or the ones who are qualified don’t leave near and are not able to shift to those areas. This is what structural unemployment means. Additionally, structural unemployment can exist for many years. If you get to look at jobs such as manufacturing jobs in a continent such as Africa the number of skilled labors is low than the required number of the labor force. Hence, people leaving in other continents cannot move to Africa to take these jobs hence leading to structural unemployment. The only solution to this type of unemployment is when the government takes up the mantle to solve insufficient labor force which will reduce the unemployment rate.

    4. Frictional or Search Unemployment

    This is a short-term type of unemployment. Frictional unemployment doesn’t have any impact on the economy. In this type of unemployment, people are unemployed but get to have a job after a certain period. Some of the causes of this type of unemployment are usually due to new job vacancies, sickness, marriage, giving birth, or retirement. For example, if you get a well-paying job you will decide to quit your current job for the new one. Another good example of frictional unemployment is when you are pregnant and take a leave or decide to quit for you to take care of your newborn. However, after the child has grown you find a new job. Frictional unemployment helps organizations to hire more qualified workers.

    5. Disguised Unemployment

    This type of unemployment means that a greater number of workers are hired to perform a certain duty than the required number of workers. In simple it means that even if the additional workers are retrenched there will be no effect on productivity. Imagine if you have a job that needs seven people but you go on to hire ten people to perform that job. This will mean that you will be increasing your expenses while the productivity of the work remains the same.

    When you remove the extra workers, the productivity will remain the same but you would have reduced your expenses. Currently, this type of unemployment is mostly in sectors such as agriculture and service where the job opportunities are few but the number of workers is high.

    6. Seasonal Unemployment

    Seasonal unemployment is brought by reduced demand for certain services over a certain time. This leads to the loss of jobs because such companies are not making enough money to enable them to pay all their workers. Hence, forces them to reduce the number of workers. For example, those workers employed in the tourism sector usually face this type of unemployment. When the number of tourists decreases which means a decrease in demand for essential services by specific tourism companies. When such an occurrence happens removal of workers happens which leads to unemployment.

    7. Voluntary Unemployment

    When a job is not well paying and you have too many expenses hence you don’t see the reason to continue working.  Furthermore, this type of unemployment is when a person is not able to find a job of his or her choice. Many people who are voluntarily unemployed are student fresh from campus and don’t have a job until when they get a job of their choice. Others who get affected are those who don’t want to work and aren’t looking for any job. When you don’t have information about new jobs you won’t be employed.

    8. Technological Unemployment

    Technological unemployment is caused by increased use of technology in companies. Many people become technological unemployed due to the use of current technology in the running of companies. Such companies that have been adversely affected is the automotive manufacturing sector. Countries such as Japan and Germany are using robots in many of their manufacturing companies. The use of these robots renders workers inefficient hence not useful to companies. The automation of services such as contacting customer service is currently done by robots which have made many people lose their jobs. So, with the increased use of technology in different sectors of the economy many workers become technologically unemployed.

    9. Classical Unemployment

    Also known as induced or real-wage unemployment this type of unemployment mainly affects people when governments impose regulations on companies and are not able to meet. Another reason that leads to classical unemployment is when workers unions are on strike due to salaries and other allowances. A perfect example of such is in 1995 when workers in France went to strike over certain labor issues and fighting for revolution in the public transport sector many people lost their jobs. Therefore, employees who get sacked from a job due to these reasons become classically unemployed.

    10. Long-Term Unemployment

    When you have been searching for a job for over six weeks without any success you become long-term unemployed. In this type of unemployment, one may lose hope and decide to stop looking for work. People spend a lot of cash to search for a job with no success. Currently, many people globally are long-term unemployed. The two main causes of this type of unemployment are structural and cyclical unemployment.

    Which Type of Unemployment is Worse?

    According to statistics, the worst type of unemployment is long-term unemployment. This is because it is caused by two main types of unemployment and leads to frustration. Many people under this type of unemployment find it hard to afford to pay for their daily expenses. However, those who are long-term unemployed usually become employed after searching for jobs for a long period.


    If you have been employed or lack a job opportunity the above are what define your unemployment type. None of the above is good but try as much as possible to search for a job that will not make you be entitled as unemployed. Thanks for your time.

    The post Types of Unemployment: Which Is the Worst? appeared first on Management Study HQ.

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    Top Benefits of Having An Employee Recognition Program

    Employees are key factors in the success of any organization or business. Interestingly, they not only want benefits and good pay but also a fair treatment to contribute significantly to the organization through their work and to be appreciated and valued for their efforts. To show appreciation and recognition, many organizations implement continues employee recognition programs intended to show gratitude to employees for a wide range of achievements.

    A survey conducted by the SHRM and Globoforce consulting firm reveals that 80 percent of organizations have an employee recognition program. The most common recognition includes the award for the length of service, typically in five-year increments, an unmatched one-time achievement that comes with on the spot cash or impressive performance for a particular period of time.

    The rewards range from the simplest thank you notes and spot cash bonuses to gift cards and gift certificates. Some organizations get their plaques from EDCO Awards and Specialties for specially customized trophies and recognition awards. There are even some organizations that give their outstanding employees a vacation package.

    Employee recognition is a vital investment in any kind of business because of the benefits that it provides to the entire organization. That is why many employers work hard on making their employees feel recognized, valued, and appreciated. Here are some of the benefits of having an employee recognition program.

    Increases Employee Productivity

    One of the most significant benefits of having an employee recognition program is increased in employee productivity. When an employee feels that he is appreciated for his efforts, he will be motivated to perform well and finish his task on time. This will translate to increased employee productivity. For instance, when you are in manufacturing, the more products an employee can produce the more demands are met, which also means increased chance of selling more products to your customers.

    Transforms Employees To Engaged And Committed Employees

    When employees are valued and appreciated at work, it drives them to become committed and engaged in the organization. Several pieces of research conducted reveal that companies that provide rewards and recognitions to their employees have 14 percent of their employees becoming more engaged with their work. They become more productive and perform outstanding customer service. It is very important especially for businesses where there are employees in the frontline and are in direct contact with the customers. It is crucial that they feel valued and appreciated so they could provide excellent customer service to retain old clients and attract potential customers.

    Encourages Employees To Achieve Team Goal

    There will be times, especially in production and manufacturing businesses where employees are needed to do extra hours of work or report to the office on weekends to meet the production and the deadlines. Most often, employees do these extra works out of concern to the company or out of fear that they might lose their jobs if they fail to do what they are asked to do. If the company knows how to make its employees feel that they are valued, they will feel their importance as valuable members of the organization. As a result, the need to extend their working hours will not give them the feeling that they are being taken advantaged or overworked. By recognizing their efforts for going out of their way just to meet the deadlines, employees become more proactive.

    Attracts Possible Candidates

    Acquiring efficient and competent employees is crucial to the success of any business or organization. When your company needs to fill in vital positions, potential employees will apply for the job. Candidates, especially with good background and skills usually ask for feedback about the company from its employees. One of the things that potential employees are very eager to know about the company is on how well it takes care of its employees.

    Builds a Good Reputation For Your Business

    Employees often talk about their experience at work with their family, loved ones, friends, and even potential clients. Whatever feedback the employee gives to these people reflects your business. Happy and well-appreciated employees effortlessly show their love for the organization through their actions and speech.

    More Happy Employees

    The person’s greatest emotional need is to feel appreciated and valued employees are content and happy at work. Happy employees are productive and proactive employees that perform well at work. When employees are happy, absences are minimized and when an organization rewards perfect attendance expect little to zero absences. People have very simple needs and when you know how to meet those needs, it will translate to their performance at work, which ripple to the efficiency of your operation.

    The post Top Benefits of Having An Employee Recognition Program appeared first on Management Study HQ.

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    15 Powerful Quotes on Leadership

    Leadership is an influence relationship among leaders and followers who intend real changes and reflect their mutual purpose.

    What makes a great leader? What does that kind of leadership look like?

    Leadership is the ability of an individual or group of individuals to lead, guide or influence other groups of people or an organization.

    1. “Outstanding leaders go out of the way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves, it’s amazing what they can accomplish.” – Sam Walton, founder of Walmart and Sam’s Club

    2. “The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.” – Ronald Reagan

    3. “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” – John C. Maxwell

    4. “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

    5. “There is no investment you can make which will pay you so well as the effort to scatter sunshine and good cheer through your establishment.” – Orison Swett Marden

    6. “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” – Peter Drucker

    7. “A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily want to go, but ought to be.” – Rosalynn Carter

    8. “To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

    9. “Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself. It is precisely that simple and it is also that difficult.” – Warren Bennis

    10. “The challenge of leadership is to be strong, but not rude; be kind, but not weak; be bold, but not a bully; be thoughtful, but not lazy; be humble, but not timid; be proud, but not arrogant; have humor but without folly.” – Jim Rohn

    11. “It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.” – Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft

    12. “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” – Warren Buffett, investor

    13. “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” – Jack Welch

    14. “One of the most important things for any leader is to never let anyone else define who you are. And you define who you are. I never think of myself as being a woman CEO of this company. I think of myself as a steward of a great institution.” – Ginni Rometty, CEO of IBM

    15. “Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.Dale Carnegie, author, and motivational speaker


    The post 15 Powerful Quotes on Leadership appeared first on Management Study HQ.

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    Job Design – Meaning, Steps, and its Benefits

    Also known as a task or “Job Design is a function of the human resource department of any organization in ensuring that all rules of every job are detailed clearly”. Besides, to satisfy every employee of the organization in terms of job allocation. This process is done to meet a company’s requirements and set goals concerning all jobs.

    According to Michael Armstrong, “Job Design is the process of deciding on the contents of a job in terms of its duties and responsibilities, on the methods to be used in carrying out the job, in terms of techniques, systems and procedures, and on the relationships that should exist between the job holder and his superior subordinates and colleagues.”

    The implementation of job design in organizations is to improve the following things.

    1. The quality of services provision
    2. To satisfy every employee
    3. Decrease the challenges that face employees such as allowances or not coming to work.
    4. Increase product production in a company

    Therefore, for a company or organization to fully achieve all its set target by ensuring all policies as per jobs is well stipulated. Additionally. It should ensure the incorporation of job design is done by their HR departments. One of the importance of job design to make work enjoyable for the employees.

    Main Jobs Features

    There are five main job features or characteristics that it should have. They include:

    1. Skill Variety
    2. Task Variety
    3. Task Significance
    4. Autonomy
    5. Feedback

    To no more details about the above features, I will discuss them further.

    1. Skill Variety

    Every job in an organization has its sets of skills. This means if you are an employee you should have the necessary skills to perform that work efficiently. In case you are given a certain task that you don’t have the recommended skills to perform it will be a stress for you. Therefore, skills are very essential in job performance.

    2. Task Variety

    If you are an employee you always enjoy when you are part of a company’s project from its commencement to when it is finalized. You will be discouraged if you do work halfway and you are replaced by a new employee. Both of you will not be pleased.

    3. Task Significance

    This means that how a certain job is important or brings a difference to an organization. For example, if you are doing a certain job and brings more income to a company you are sure to be honored as employees.

    4. Autonomy

    The ability for employees to decide on their makes work more enjoyable and satisfactory. Dictating and employees increases frustration and one questions him or herself about their ability in performing the job described.

    5. Feedback

    To increase the productivity of a company you need workers to be competitive. This can be achieved by giving feedback individually or according to departments. This will motivate workers to work more efficiently. Furthermore, you can show your workers how customers rate products or services from your organization. This is also another factor to improve productivity.

    The above five features make workers believe that their work is more important, productive, people acknowledge their work.

    Methods of Job Design

    There are four main methods of job design. They comprise of:

    1. Work Simplification

    2. Job Enlargement

    3. Job Enrichment

    4. Job Rotation

    I will discuss each of the above in detail and state their advantages and perhaps some of their disadvantages.

    1. Job Rotation

    This method is used in organizations to enable employees to have vast ability to work in different departments or areas. A worker can gain skills of different which makes him or her flexible in the organization.


    • Increases productivity
    • Motivates the employee
    • The performance of the organization rises
    • Improves the skills, attitude, and abilities of workers
    • Employees don’t strain so much


    • Workers become anxious
    • Employees may not have a main skill due to job rotation

    However, this technique makes employees competitive in different areas which will boost the organization’s output.

    2. Job Enrichment

    This is another method of job design where a company gives its employees new roles in the organization intending to ensure work is interesting and improving on skills and expertise of different workers. This also comes with additional pay for the work done. This job design method helps workers to work more effectively as they know their tasks.


    • Employees improve on different or new work skills
    • Work becomes enjoyable
    • The company’s productivity grows
    • Additional responsibilities hence boredom reduction
    • Motivates workers to work hard
    • Workers can make decisions on their own


    • Work may become more leading to poor results
    • Others workers may not agree with this technique which will cause disagreement between workers
    • Employees may be unprepared for this technique

    For your workers to become more loyal and more efficient you can use this method and you will see how your company improves gradually.

    3. Job Enlargement

    The addition of jobs at the same level in your company is known as job enlargement. Your employer may decide to add your work in your specific job area. This is also called the horizontal expansion of job activities. This type of job design makes an employee to do the extra job which goes beyond their expertise. This leads to non-division of labor and an employee does jobs that they have not specialized in.

    However, before the implementation of this job design method employees are usually trained to perform different duties in their job level. Nevertheless, some duties may not require training and an employee can perform them even when they don’t have skills.


    • Increase in pay. With additional duties, an employee receives an additional salary
    • The cost of employing more employees will reduce as current workers can do more duties.
    • Increases skill level of employees.


    • Workers may become dissatisfied after a period
    • Cost of training employees is high

    This technique has been described as good by Hulin and Blood. They said, “Job Enlargement enables employees to perform duties with their timing. Also, to be their supervisors when doing work. Furthermore, employees can undo their mistakes.”

    4. Work or Job Simplification

    This is an additional job design method where an organization makes the job easy, simple, and fast for its employees. This method is applied to achieve the performance of many duties in a short period.


    • Employees are not overworked
    • Less time in performing duties
    • Less cost of training
    • Employees become more efficient


    • Dissatisfaction because work is repetitive
    • Workers are not able to learn new skills
    • Employees are not able to decide by themselves

    What Issues Affect Job Design?

    Three main issues affect job design.

    1. Environmental
    2. Organizational
    3. Behavioral

    The above make job design challenging to most organizations. I will go deeper into each factor and how it affects job design.

    1. Environmental

    These factors consist of both internal and external factors that employees undergo in job design. The internal factors consist of the skills and expertise of an employee. When designing a job for an employee some duties cannot be done well due to low skill levels which will reduce the organization’s productivity. Some of the external factors are such as employees are not able to accept doing certain jobs that they are not comfortable with.

    2. Organizational

    Every organization has its culture. This heavily affects the way job design is put into effect in a company. Such norms make job design hard to work effectively. Other things that make job design unfunctional include:

    • Flow of work
    • Nature of work
    • Ergonomics

    4. Behavioral

    Not to repeat behavioral factors are like main job features. So, you can read about the main job features to know more about behavioral factors.

    Benefits of Job Design

    • Employees gain new skills
    • Quality of time spent on each job is well stipulated as per job design
    • Workers can adjust to make work more efficient.

    The post Job Design – Meaning, Steps, and its Benefits appeared first on Management Study HQ.

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